Barbados, the diving destination you don’t expect

In general Barbados is not listed among the preferred destinations for diving, because it is considered a high class destination and perhaps a bit snobbish. But it is necessary to review this connotation, because the Caribbean island located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean is a real surprise. Needless to say, the sea is simply beautiful, we take this for granted, but what is striking is the amount of diving points.

They are really different and all with a particular characteristic, for example in the capital Bridgetown, there are cannons, anchors and wrecks on the seabed. As easy to guess, in past centuries these waters were crowded with so-called pirates, and evidently, they have left much traces. This is certainly, an interesting dive, which incidentally occupies a large area, so a single dive will not be enough to explore at least a large part of the bottom.

The wrecks of Barbados

One of the most famous is the Trident MV, one of the most recent wrecks at an intermediate depth on a sandy bottom. Well preserved, it allows divers to go inside and undoubtedly offers excellent moments of save fun in the sea. Other wrecks surround the coast of Barbados, some easy to reach others a little more challenging.

The dives are pleasant, in fact, the island is far from the currents, so the descent on the seabed is much easier. Beyond the wrecks there is also a small coral reef, which as a whole offers a good opportunity to admire flora, fauna and a great variety of colors.

Turtles and shoals of fish

Another peculiarity of Barbados is the richness of the fauna, to meet turtles and huge shoals of fish where it is quite common to go through them. The marine fauna of the island is beautiful and imposing, it is certainly favoured by the position on the margins of the naval routes. The waters little beaten by the big boats help in the conservation of the marine nature.

It is certainly not a destination that is just around the corner, but having time and obviously a bit of money, some dives on this island should not be missed. In about 12 hours of flight you can reach this Caribbean paradise and maybe discover some pirate treasure!