Diving on the Tremiti Islands, 30 years of marine reserve

Apparently secluded from the Italian tourist scene, Tremiti Islands are actually very popular among divers. This small archipelago is a paradise in miniature, not far from the coast and can be reached in a few minutes from the port of Termoli. The Tremiti are composed of three major islands and a smaller one, with a jagged coastline in a mixture of cliffs and coves.

The peculiarity is related precisely to the marine reserve that celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. One of the first Italian marine reserves, born to preserve the beauty of the sea and of the sea beds that surround these beautiful islands.

Holidays and diving at the islands

On July 14th the celebrations for this thirty-year period will end, a perfect time for holidays and above all for the sea. An opportunity to test the depths of the archipelago in an oasis of peace immersed in nature and at the sea. The problems, which could occur, are the overnight stays. In fact, the two major islands do not have much availability for tourists, in this case there is an alternative.

The Tremiti are about 22 km from the coast, so it is possible to rent a boat, better if sailing, and point the bow towards the islands. The boat in this case is the perfect solution, It offers accommodation to stay, but above all you can circumnavigate the islands and discover the seabed.

Was awaits us at the Tremiti?

A landscape of rare beauty mixed between the blue of the sea and the green of the coast of these islands, a clean and crystalline sea and seabed all to be discovered. The dive spots are different, which is why the boat is preferable for a Tremiti holiday.

So all you have to do is dust off the equipment, book a sailboat and go with the wind at your back to this all-Italian paradise. The holiday will not be an exotic one, but certainly the sea with its incredible depths will not disappoint even the most demanding diver.