Shipping and delivery times


Usually your order will be prepared and shipped one day after receipt for products already available, and from 5 to 10 working days for the customized products such as BCDs.
For the purpose of calculating the date of delivery will have to consider also the time that the carrier needs that can vary depending on many factors some of us can not be controlled.
It 'important, when entering the order specify a valid e-mail address, because you will be informed immediately of the availability of requested items, and also will allow us to inform you about the status of the order and the date of fulfillment of the same. We also recommend that you always specify at least a reference telephone (fixed or mobile), because if the carrier is unable to make delivery will be contacted by agreeing a new delivery according to your needs.

Shipping damaged

It 'very important to ensure that the goods received is not damaged and that the packaging is intact. Do not accept damaged shipment (box open or visibly damaged). If that happened it would have implicitly accepted the receipt of a shipment intact.