Cookie policy

Last Modified: 24 July 2015.

This Cookie Policy describes the different types of cookies that may be used in connection with the website owned and controlled by the Company, from which the user has access to this Cookie Policy (the "Site "), and how they can be managed. The Company may from time to time to make changes to this cookie (and any additional rules and guidelines) and to inform the user of such changes by any reasonable means, including the publication of the revised version of the site This Cookie Policy. You can know the last modified date of this Information about cookies by consulting the words "LAST MODIFICATION" above. If you have further questions, please contact us, or write to the following address: C & D Dive-Sports GmbH Draupromenade, 25-9500 Villach, AUSTRIA


1. What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device user. They are widely used to power Web sites, or to make them work better and more efficiently. Perform this function because websites can read and write these files, allowing the user to recognize and remember important information that will make her more comfortable using a Web site (for example, remembering his preferred settings).

2. What cookies are using the company?

The cookies we use allow us to recognize users who come back to visit the site and their data, so as to prevent them from having to repeatedly enter the same information. In addition, they allow us to analyze traffic patterns of visitors to our website in order to improve usability. Here are some of the types of cookies used on our website:

Technical cookie

It is possible that cookies are used to allow technical users to use the services requested through our website. Without these cookies, it would not be possible to provide the services requested. For example, cookies technicians can be used for:

    • Allow users to access secure areas of our website without having to constantly login
    • Remember any actions performed by the user (for example, completing a form) when you return to the page you precede a session

Analytical cookies

The analytical cookies may be used to obtain information on the use of the Web site, the advertising and e-mail and advise us of any errors. Furthermore, these cookies allow us to obtain detailed technical information, such as the last page you visited, the number of pages visited, if an email was opened, which parts of the website or e-mails are clicked by users and time elapsed between the click and the other. This information may be associated with user details such as IP address, domain or browser; however, they are analyzed along with other people's information so as not to identify a particular user to the other. For example, these cookies may be used on our website for:

    • Analyze and improve the performance and design of our website, the advertisements and e-mails
    • Quantify the response to our advertisements and improve its effectiveness
    • Calculate the errors that occur on our website to provide better service and handle any complaints

Third-party tracking cookies

Tracking cookies of third parties may be sent to the user's device from the websites of our partners. These cookies are used to determine when the partners are redirecting a user to our Web site and if that user proceeds to the purchase of a product or service. The information may be shared with our partners so anonymous, so as not to identify a particular user to the other. In addition, this information is provided in accordance with our contractual obligations to partners to help them improve the effectiveness of their sites.

Cookie functionality

These cookies are not critical, but allow you to use several useful features on our website. For example, could be used on our website for:

    • Remember the preferences selected by the user during previous visits, such as country / language, interests and presentation of the site (layout, font size, color and so on). This way, you will not have to re-enter this information
    • Remember the answers to questions in our website, for example participation in surveys on customer satisfaction, so it is offered again to the user
    • Determine if a service has already been proposed to the user, for example offering assistance online in real time
    • Provide information to help the operation of optional services, such as watching a video online or post a comment on a blog

Targeting cookies or promotional

These cookies can be used on our website to publish advertisements tailored to your interests. Cookies targeting or promotional allow to obtain detailed information on the navigation of our website by the users (for example, products or services appear to be more a specific person). In addition, it allows us to recognize a user who returns to visit our Web site and / or a site which forms part of the network of one of our promotional partners.

Third Party Cookies

When a user is using our website, you may stored some cookies are not controlled by C & D Dive-Sports GmbH. This happens, for example, if the user visits a page that contains content of a third party website. As a result, the user will receive cookies from these third-party services. Cookies do not contain personal information, unless the user has logged into your account. For example, third-party cookies may be caused by:

    • YouTube o Facebook
    • Operators of confidence
    • Media agency paid

C&S Dive-Sports GmbH does not control the storage of or access to these cookies. For more information on the use of cookies by third parties, see the Privacy Policy Cookies and services in question.

3. Where are stored cookies User?

Cookies collected on this site are stored by a third party service provider we charge for the provision of management services and web hosting data for this site. We have taken steps to ensure that this service provider protect the confidentiality and security of personal data, and to ensure that personal data are processed exclusively for the provision of services and in compliance with applicable regulations.

4. How can I manage cookies?

If you do not want any information collected through the use of cookies, most browsers allow you to deactivate the use through a simple procedure. For more information about cookies, please visit If the user chooses not to accept cookies, some or all of the functionality, features and promotions available through this site may not be available for him.

What happens if you disable cookies?

However, if you block or erase cookies, it may not be able to restore any preferences or customization settings you previously specified, and our ability to customize the user experience will be limited. How to change the settings for: