About us


They have been a great passion and an intense experience in the production of technical articles to do AUDAXPRO® one of the most trusted brands in the diving panorama. AUDAXPRO® is our daily point of departure and arrival: our entertainment and our main businesses we invest all our knowledge and our imagination to achieve technologically advanced and cutting edge. We believe in high quality and with maximum safety, which remains our main objective

Our Values


Transparency in relation to people Company

All the people in the company have the right to know the roles, objectives and strategies and in accordance disvolgere their work in an environment characterized by a positive and motivating. Knowledge is a good company and be shared and never monopolized or exploited to increase personal power at the expense of their colleagues or of the same company.

Transparency in relation to Customers

In the relationship with customers it is necessary to adopt a simple and timely information and make explicit the characteristics and the economic value of the services rendered. Customers should be informed of the current state of organizational requirements, on the possible changes of values, the time required and the possible risks arising from contingencies and unexpected.

Transparency in relation to Suppliers

The relationship with suppliers goes by the criteria of efficiency and absolute integrity. The selection of suppliers must be carried out with maximum objectivity. No supplier can acquire privileges or rights than those provided by contractual relations. No supplier may be the subject of discrimination or attitudes impediments that are not motivated by objective factors evaluated in the exclusive interest of the company and its stakeholders.


Respect any person of the Company

Roles and areas of responsibility should be recognized in all the company’s people and clearly defined. It means listening and paying attention to people constantly, respecting their values, sensitivities and beliefs, without ever resorting to any form of undue pressure. In AUDAXPRO ® it excludes categorically any form of disrespect, or worse, of the injured persons.

Respect in relation to Customers

It means managing and protecting the confidentiality of the information you enter in possession according to the relationship established with customers to whom we supply services. This duty also exists in the company, its assets and its decisions.

Respect in relation to Suppliers

It means being aware of the strategic company to select and have the best service providers to the market conditions are more favorable, and in this process of loyal subjects who demonstrate the professional qualifications suitable to contribute to the pursuit of Mission AUDAXPRO ®

Sustainable development

Our focus on the environment is carried out through research, including technology, for greater energy efficiency, increasing production capacity and reducing the consumption of natural resources and energy sources.

We aim for continuous improvement of environmental performance and safety guarantees through a management system voluntarily adopted.


AUDAXPRO® is committed to deliver safe products to customers users. Ensuring the safety of our products and ‘a responsibility that we think of utmost importance. Our products meet worldwide all applicable regulations.