Prices and conditions of sale AUDAXPRO By C & S DIVE-SPORTS GmbH


All prices shown in our catalog are in Euro and VAT comprised of 20%.

If the acquirer is part of the community with a regular EU VAT enabled data exchange (VIES), can obtain when purchasing the application of the reverse charge after verification of the authorization of the VAT to the url:

The application of the reverse charge is to issue the invoice to the buying company without charge tax VAT and indicate the provision under which the application of the reverse charge.

The recipient of the supply of goods or provision of services must supplement the invoice received with an indication of the rate of its operation put in place by the seller or service provider, and the relative tax must also record the document is in the register of invoices issued or fees, which in the register of purchases so as to make the effect of the tax neutral.

For more information on reverse charge and enabling the VIES, consult your financial adviser.

Accepted Payment Methods


Credit and Debit Cards

We accept all cards VISA and MASTERCARD

Advance payment by bank transfer

When the order confirmation if you have selected this payment option will be sent by e-mail indicating our complete bank details (IBAN) and payment instructions. It 'important that you are sending the bank, specify the order number (received by e-mail) and your details. We received the payment we will immediately process the order and the subsequent release of the goods required.


PayPal is an online payment system secure, easy and fast.
Safe: the data of the credit card or bank that is supported PayPal are kept only by Paypal and every time you buy on the Internet do not need to re-enter them.
Easy: with two simple clicks you can buy. All data have already been entered in advance PayPal login created earlier.
Fast: the payment will be sent immediately to EMP and then processing the order will take place rapidly.