GSMark Certification from TÜV Rheinland

In order to ensure safety and the highest quality of our products, AUDAXPRO® has committed to certify the company and its products through TÜV Rheinland that issued the prestigious certification GSMark

TÜV Rheinland, a leading certification body internationally, in accordance with the requirements of the international standards on the requirement '' impartiality ', is not directly involved in the design, manufacture, supply, installation, purchase, ownership, use or maintenance of the products inspected or and similar parts in the design, implementation or maintenance of business management systems.

The TÜV Rheinland Group is a leading provider of technical services worldwide. Founded in 1872 and with headquarters in Cologne, the Group employs more than 17,950 people in 500 locations and in 65 countries. The annual turnover exceeds 1.6 billion euro. The group's mission and His guiding principles are sustainable development of safety and quality in order to overcome the challenges posed by the interaction between man, the environment and technology.

The GS mark or "Geprüfte Sicherheit" (safety proven) is a voluntary certification based on the law for product safety (ProdSG) in force in Germany and indicates compliance of a product safety standards valid in the country is the same as in Europe.

The GS was introduced in Germany in 1977 to meet the needs of local labor organizations, insurers and consumer protection organizations. The GS audit is to verify that the technical work equipment and consumer products comply with all the requirements of the law of safety and health requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act (ProdSG). Although the GS was born in Germany, it is accepted in several Western European countries. Over the past decade, the GS has spread over a large number of machinery and electronic products sold worldwide.

Recognized globally, including in the supply chain, as well as the TÜV SÜD GS mark is awarded on completion of its verification program and inspection and remains valid as long as it is carried out annually an inspection to control the production.

Again obtaining the GS mark shows the commitment and transparency of AUDAXPRO® to safeguard consumer health and increases the reliability of products.