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DIR Style, ExtraComfort

STARK EVO is a BCD designed for divers who want to have a similar approach to the DIR style but at the same time do not want to renounce to comfort. STARK EVO in fact is an evolution of STARK(a rigorously DIR BCD). The only difference between the two DIR BCDs is the harness, which is more comfortable and accessorized in STARK EVO. The harness is totally adjustable and it adapts perfectly to your body for a perfect posture. The bladder is lightweight and hydrodynamic and, when it is not inflated, it remains adherent and compact to the tank, allowing more agility. STARK EVO is a recreational BCD with which you can also try more technical immersions.


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A DIR BCD completely modular

This jacket is provided with an AUDAXPRO Technical Modular System (T.M.S.), which allows changing the BCD standard configuration according to your needs. Thanks to the Audaxpro T.M.S. you can shape, configure and integrate your BCD as you like. You can, for example:

Adapt your jacket to your physical shape

Adapt it according to the type of immersion

Change its components with any other Audaxpro BCD ones

Upgrade your equipment with a wide series of accessories

A travel DIR BCD with a functional and comfortable harness 

The STARK EVO is a travel DIR BCD with a comfortable harness. It is totally adjustable also while wearing it, and it adapts perfectly to your body for a perfect posture and balance.

Choose the most suitable textile for your immersions

Cordura-circolare-300x300.png night-circolare-300x300.png kevlar-circolare-300x300.png
  • Standard model made of highly resistant textile (cordura)
  • Suitable for technical scuba immersions but also for recreational diving
  • 8 different colours
  • BCD with reflective textile (scotchlite)
  • Suitable for night immersions or diving with low visibility; ideal BCD for scuba guides
  • 8 different colours
  • Made of an anti-cut and fire-resistant textile (kevlar)
  • Perfect for scuba immersions in caves or inside wrecks because of its extraordinary resistance
  • 1 available colour

Choose your favorite color for your travel BCD

The buoyancy compensator STARK EVO is available in 8 different colors (except Kevlar model). You can choose between black, white, blue, red, yellow, orange, fuchsia and camouflage


The suitable buoyancy for your entertainment 

The STARK EVO is designed for divers who love going on holiday but do not renounce to a functional and performing BCD. STARK EVO is only available with the buoyancy thrust of 16 litres and can only be used with a mono tube configuration. The overpressure and rapid-discharge valve is placed in the front part of the bladder, downwards and left, allowing an easier access.


Buoyancy thrusts: 16 lt

Tank maximum capacity: 15 mono-tank

Overpressure and rapid-discharge valves: 1

A DIR BCD perfect for your travel

STARK is a DIR BCD designed for those divers who like travel light but without sacrificing quality and performance.

Plate Steel

Plate Alu

Stainless Steel

Plate 2,160 Kg
Back Plate 690 gr

Anodized Aluminium

Plate 730 gr
Back Plate 230 gr

Use the inflator in complete comfort 

STARK EVO follows the DIR philosophy that aims at functionality optimisation, thus also the inflator is highly functional. Its connection is always placed in the higher part and slightly left in order to facilitate its use and save space. To allow its immediate localization, the inflator holder (sewn in the bladder) supports the corrugated tube. The inflator included in the standard equipment of this travel BCD is with simple curve connection and 16’’ spiral corrugated (40 cm). It has a piston control, a nickel-plated brass inner mechanism and derlin non-slip buttons.

Simple curve connection
and 16? spiral tube

Choose the perfect pocket for your travel BCD

With Audaxpro, you can choose among many pockets models for holding ballast and/or cointaining other objects. Choose the one that better matches your DIR BCD.