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Tropical Colours

TRAVEL is a lightweight BCD designed for those divers who often travel by plane and do not want to renounce to Audaxpro high quality and comfort. TRAVEL, with its 12 lively colour options and its 4 bi-colour combinations, is the ideal buoyancy compensator for your holiday. The BCD textile is so delicate that you do not have to wear a diving gear. Morever, you do not need extra space in your suitcase, because you can carry TRAVEL in its own comfortable practical bag.

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A Travel BCD completely modular

This Travel BCD is provided with an AUDAXPRO Technical Modular System (T.M.S.), which allows changing the BCD standard configuration according to your needs. Thanks to the Audaxpro T.M.S. you can shape, configure and integrate your BCD as you like. You can, for example:

Adapt your BCD to your physical shape

Adapt it according to the type of immersion

Change its components with any other Audaxpro BCD ones

Upgrade your equipment with a wide series of accessories

A travel BCD with simple and functional harness

TRAVEL is a scuba BCD with a variable structure and a simple functional harness. This BCD is comfortable, safe to wear and adjust in water as well, while wearing it.

A different version for every different need

Audaxpro BCs have been designed to ensure the best performances in every kind of diving immersion. For this reason, TRAVEL BCD is available in different versions, one for every different need. This is only possible because the Audaxpro  buoyancy compensator are built by combining high technology and skilled Italian craftsmanship.

Choose the most suitable textile for your immersions

Cordura-circolare-300x300.png night-circolare-300x300.png
  • Standard model made of highly resistant textile (cordura)
  • Suitable for technical scuba immersions but also for recreational diving
  • 12 colours and 4 bi-colours combinations
  • BCD with reflective textile (scotchlite)
  • Suitable for night immersions or diving with low visibility; ideal BCD for scuba guides
  • 12 different colours

Dive into tropical colours

TRAVEL is a BCD with a variable structure and more colour options available on the market. You can colour your immersions, choosing among 12 options and 4 bi-colour combinations!

16 Colours

Travel Colour

Travel Bi-Colour

A travel BCD with the right buoyancy force for your fun

The TRAVEL BCD is designed for divers who love traveling light but with a perfectly functional performing buoyancy compensator. TRAVEL is only available with one buoyancy thrust, 15 liters with 2 overpressure and rapid-discharge valves. You can exclusively use it with a mono-tank configuration.


Buoyancy thrusts: 15 lt

Tank maximum capacity: 15 mono

Overpressure and rapid-discharge valves: 2

A BCD with the right weight for your travel

TRAVEL is a recreational diving BC suitable for divers who often travel by plane and always want to have their favourite BCD with them. The TRAVEL BC can be bought and used only without plates (Soft version), in order to lighten it and facilitate its transport


Travel Friendly

Without Plates Compact and Lightweight

Use the inflator in complete comfort

The TRAVEL BCD has been designed to make your diving as easy and pleasant as a holiday would be. Its connection and inflator holder are placed strategically, in order to save space and simplify the use of this buoyancy compensator. The inflator included in the standard equipment has a discharge valve and metal anti-fraying wire. It is 50-cm long, it has a piston control, a nickel-plated brass inner mechanism and derlin non-slip buttons.

Valve with metal
twin wire without fraying

Choose the perfect pocket for your travel BCD

With Audaxpro, you have the opportunity to choose among many pockets models for holding ballast and/or containing other objects. Choose the one that better matches your TRAVEL BCD.

Sign your travel BCD

Not only can you customize your BCD technically, but you can also personalize your BCD with the writing you prefer! Audaxpro offers you the chance to embroider your BCD inflator holder.